Tue Jun 29, 1999

Posted by Daerma DM on Thursday, September 4, 2014

WebRPG Chat Log File [Tue Jun 29 20:36:57 CDT 1999]

[Melondar]: (I have 2 scimtars (hidden underneath my cloak) and a bow
[Valon]: (never know what it might take to sway the unholy)
[Nathan]: (except i look lke a noble, except my quarter staff)
[Melondar]: (I also have chain mail on (also hidden under cloak))
[Daerma DM]: as the caravan nears the keep you can see it is actually a walled town,err was.
Denthinor Starblade heads towards the keep of Hammerstein
[Denthinor Starblade]: Caravan?
[Denthinor Starblade]: (I thought we were travelling on our own)
[Daerma DM]: bunch of commoners, stone masons tradesmen minor merchants.
[Denthinor Starblade]: (Don’t recall mention of a caravan)
[Melondar]: (I’m on my horse)
[Daerma DM]: sorry no. my fault for the misundestanding. there was a general call posted via heraldsback in the capitol.
[Daerma DM]: they need builders and others
[Melondar]: (I don’t think it’s us that are in the caravan)
[Daerma DM]: no you are all just more or less ariving at the same general time
[Melondar]: (K)
[Nathan]: “well then, here we are”
[Daerma DM]: as you approch you notice that is was a walled town with a medium sized keep in ruins near the far side of town.
Nathan mumbles “I wonder what we are to be doing”
[Daerma DM]: you see four towers two by the front gate and two farther toward the rear.
[Daerma DM]: only one is still standing. that is watching the fron gate
[Nathan]: “well, well, lets go meet this fine lady”
[Daerma DM]: you can see over the ruins of the wall that a couple buildings are still standing but not by much
[Nathan]: “quite the waste land isn’t it?”
[Daerma DM]: that gate is in ruins like most of the rest of town.
[Valon]: “hmm, looks like a great battle has taken place here”
[Melondar]: “yes, it certainly does”
[Daerma DM]: when you finally reach the entrance. 3 figures approach.
[Melondar]: “That Pesky Green Dragon, I hope it does not come back while we are still here”
[Nathan]: “well dragons are dagerous, espessialy the cromatic ones”
[Melondar]: “well, Hi there!
[Melondar]: “and who might you 3 be?”
[Daerma DM]: 2 men and one woman. you notice that the womans eyes glow blue
[Nathan]: “You must be the lady of the keep”
[Nathan]: “let me introduce myself, I am Nathan a mage of some matter”
Nathan bows
[Valon]: “I heard that the dragon had been destroyed and that is how they gained rights to the keep, atleast that is the heresay around Dearma city”
[Melondar]: “would you be Varalla?”
[Nathan]: (anyone home)
[Daerma DM]: Varalla “Yes spellcaster i would be Varalla. Welcome to my crumble abode”
[Valon]: “And I am Valon follower of the mighty Torm my lady, and I am at your service”
Nathan grins “pun intended i suspect”
[Daerma DM]: “these are my dfriends Clavin & Frizzit”
[Daerma DM]: “yes”
[Melondar]: “Goodday, I am Sir Melondar, lord of the forests of Dearma”
Melondar bows
[Valon]: “your keep seems to be in quite the dissaray ”
Denthinor Starblade kneels before Varalla “I am Denthinor Starbalde. I humbly place myself at your service.”
[Nathan]: “how can we be of help to you? as in that is what it looks like what you need”
Valon kneels at the feet of Varalla
Nathan seems perplexed by his compainions behavior
[Melondar]: (perxpelled?)
[Daerma DM]: “yes help is definately what we need. i think compared to defeating the dragon, getting this place running again is gonna be livin’ nightmare”
[Nathan]: (perplexed: confused, unknowing why)
Valon well my friend of the woods in her honor is why my fellow Paladin and I bowed
Denthinor Starblade stands again. “Whatever tasks you have, I will strive to be worthy of the challenge.
[Denthinor Starblade]: ”
[Daerma DM]: “what we need are people to help patrol the enviorns and rebuiild the city”
[Daerma DM]: “from the looks of you i would say the former is better suited to your tastes”
Melondar looks around to see where all the forests are
[Denthinor Starblade]: (Not going to be many forests in the town)
[Melondar]: (I meant on the outskirts of it)
[Daerma DM]: (the entire area is very heavy forest. seems like a perfect place for a green dragon
[Daerma DM]: )
Nathan smiles at her “well i could always try to help build but im afraid anything i built would not last very long)
[Nathan]: arrg i mean
[Melondar]: “same here”
Nathan smiles at her “well i could always try to help build but im afraid anything i built would not last very long”
[Denthinor Starblade]: “Yes, we are warriors not craftsmen.”
[Valon]: “from the sounds of it she would need us not as craftsmen but of defenders of the keep”
[Denthinor Starblade]: (We seem to be saying very similar things)
Melondar agrees with Valon
[Nathan]: “or to clear out ruins”
[Daerma DM]: ((pause))
[Nathan]: (do kay)
[Daerma DM]: ok is it just me or are the paladins nothing but echo boxes????
[Denthinor Starblade]: That’s what I just said
[Denthinor Starblade]: Anyways, I have to go
[Daerma DM]: ok will you be able to better in the future?
[Denthinor Starblade]: YEs, when are we playing next?
[Nathan]: well i have to go change sprinklers ill be back in 5-10 min
[Daerma DM]: i would like to play every tues and thursday. if everyone can make it if not then every tuesday
[Denthinor Starblade]: So what time on thursday
[Daerma DM]: same time 8pm central
[Denthinor Starblade]: Ok, bye
[ Warmask left the game ]
[Melondar]: (better make something up so that we don’t just see him dissapear)
[Daerma DM]: ok thursday a problem with anyone else?
[Daerma DM]: lets settle that now
[Melondar]: nope
[Daerma DM]: good
[Valon]: nope
[Melondar]: r we gonna finish this time?
[Daerma DM]: i will run him as a ghost pc till thursday if it happens again he will be asked to leave
[Daerma DM]: yes
[Melondar]: k, good
[Valon]: just have to wait for nathan to get back from the sprinkler (waterboy) should be his new nickname…haha
[Nathan]: ok
[Nathan]: shut up
[Melondar]: let’s continue
[Nathan]: thursday is good
[Daerma DM]: ((unpause))
[Melondar]: “what areas should we patrol?”
[Melondar]: (how long will this prolly be?)
[Daerma DM]: Varalla “well considering you are the first to show up, how about everywhere?” 🙂 ” actually we found a lizard man lair a couple days south of herre before”
[Melondar]: “well, does everyone want to go check that out?”
[Nathan]: “so melady, do you wish us to clear it”
[Valon]: originally dm wanted to try and play atleast a couple few hours
[Daerma DM]: “we were forced to wipe them out but we found out the dragon had a bunch of forest citizens giving him tributes”
[Nathan]: “ohh”
[Daerma DM]: “i think the best thing you can do is to find out what IS in the area, and report it back to us”
[Nathan]: “so we need to find these”
[Melondar]: “oh, what shall we do then?”
[Melondar]: “ok
[Daerma DM]: “Personally i don’t care how you go about it but i can point you in a starting direction”
[Nathan]: “well me freind Melon it looks like your type of work”
[Melondar]: “should we split up and cover more ground or stay together?”
[Valon]: “and if this be your desire my lady we shall do it as long as my companions agree to assist me
[Valon]: ”
[Valon]: “we should stay together because whatever may lay around is not used to people being around”
[Nathan]: “true, so where do we start?”
[Melondar]: “allright then, we should move quickly”
[Daerma DM]: “we think there might be a small cave complex to the east. no idea if it is inhabitted or not just hppened to catch a glimpse of it on a flyby”
[Melondar]: “we should start by borrowing some horses from the stables”
[Melondar]: “I already have my own as you can see”
[Valon]: “well shall we start with heading towards the caves and seeing what lies in there?”
[Daerma DM]: “ummmmm i am sorry but we have no horses. ours were a late night snack”
[Nathan]: “well melady then i geuss we’ll be off”
[Melondar]: “ok, thank you anyway”
Melondar looks around to see if anyone else in the party is mounted
[Valon]: “we shall depart and see what lies in the caves and report back with our findings”
Nathan pulls off his pack takes his cape off and his silk shirt off and puts on a plain cotton shirt puting his other clothes in his pack”
Valon has no horse at the moment
[Melondar]: (does anyone else already have a horse?)
[Nathan]: (arg typos)
[Nathan]: (nope)
[Melondar]: (K)
[Valon]: “my lady could you try and aquire the use of a couple of the horses from the caravan for use in the protection of the village”
[Daerma DM]: Varalla ” as it is middle afternoon i suggest you take the day to rewst up and prepare your selves. then head outin the morning”
[Valon]: “well that should give you plenty of time then to free a couple of horses up then”
[Daerma DM]: “and i will go and speak with the caravan”
[Nathan]: “well, then where may we rest?”
[Valon]: “thank you”
[Daerma DM]:
[Melondar]: (you can talk to a caravan? is it magical or something?)
[Daerma DM]: (yup 🙂 )
[Melondar]: (ok then)
[Daerma DM]: (i am dm i can do lots of neat things)
[Daerma DM]: Varalla ” you may take the second floor of the tower or any piece of ground you can find”
[Daerma DM]: “as you can see living space is not the greatest at the moment”
[Valon]: “so my friends what do ya say we check out the surroundings, while the good lady fetches us some horses”
[Melondar]: “is anyone carrying a tent with them?”
[Nathan]: “no”
[Valon]: “nope”
[Daerma DM]:
[Nathan]: i look around for a halfway intact building”
[Melondar]: “looks like we will have to take the tower then
[Nathan]: “maybe”
[Valon]: “I’ll check the inside of the tower to make sure that it is safe and will not fall with us inside”
[Nathan]: i look around for a halfway intact building
[Valon]: checking the tower
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): you see two buildings that are standing. i said that in my first description.
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): nevermind
Nathan shakes his head and follows valon to the tower
[Melondar]: (brb)
[Daerma DM]: upon entering the tower you notice. that though it is standing it has definately been under assult. there are cracks in the floor. and walls. but it also looks like varalla and her friends have been using the first floor as a kitchen/common room
[Melondar]: (back
[Melondar]: )
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): please limit your speech. to whisper a message click the little icon then select a name
Nathan digs in his pack for some of his food and starts fixing himself something to eat for a miday meal
[ ][)ao joined the game ]
Melondar inspects the walls and ceiling on the second floor to make sure they are safe
[Valon]: will continue up the steps to the second floor cautiously
[][)ao]: Hello guys
[Nathan]: (do i hear an echo)
[Daerma DM]: everything though looking a bit rough for the wear. looks stable. once on the second floor you see the stairs continue up
DICE for ][)ao: (1d4) = [ 4 ]
DICE for ][)ao: (1d6) = [ 1 ]
DICE for ][)ao: (1d6) = [ 2 ]
[Melondar]: “we should stay on this floor”
DICE for ][)ao: (1d4) = [ 3 ]
[Melondar]: “it looks stable enough”
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): to send a message that is out of character put it in ( )
[Valon]: “probably good idea”
[Nathan]: brb
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): and since you are not lpaying everything is out of character.
[Melondar]: “we shouldn’t continue up the stairs, it might fall down or something, also keep quiet and be careful”
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): see the little button marked to gm by the dice?
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): okay i fugured out how to whisper…
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): click it then only i will see the dice that way you don’t distract everyone else.
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): great!!
[Nathan]: (Shouts “WHAT” J/K)
[Daerma DM]: hehe ( you hear an ominous crack)
[Daerma DM]: just kidding
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): okay i do see the dice bottons …and the to gm you want me to click on it right?
[Daerma DM]: ok do you go up the stairs or not?
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): right
[Melondar]: no
[Daerma DM]: ok.
Nathan finishes his lunch and goes up to the second floor
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): i did that…can you tell?
Valon stows his pack and battle axe and heads back downstairs, and then outside
[Daerma DM]: the second floor is a wide open room the full size of the tower 15′ in diameter
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): now click on a die to roll
[Melondar]: “let’s get out our sleeping bags and sleep here for the night, I hope my horse and mule are all right outside”
(To Daerma DM) DICE for ][)ao: (1d6) = [ 6 ]
[Nathan]: “whats up there?” pointing to the stairs
[Melondar]: “we’re not going to go up the stairs”
[Daerma DM]: it is the middle of the afternoon
[Melondar]: it is?
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): only you and i seen that dice roll
[Nathan]: “why not”
[Melondar]: “too dangerous”
[Nathan]: I examine the stairs
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): okay now if im going to play i need a character sheet…how do i generate one on this thing?
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): see the workbench folder? those are the characters that are being played you can vieqw them. by double clicking on them
[Nathan]: (dm)
[Daerma DM]: nathan: they look like stone stairs. you see no obvious structural flaws
[Valon]: once I get back outside would like to help the keepers of the keep to help get the caravan received in an orderly fashion..
[ Elorindë joined the game ]
[Nathan]: I look at the ceiling above me seeing if there is any flaws
[Daerma DM]: valon: when did you head back outside?
[Melondar]: “I’m going outside, don’t do anything stupid”
[ ][)ao left the game ]
[Melondar]: he did right b4 you described the room
Melondar walks down the stairs and goes outside
[ ][)ao joined the game ]
[Daerma DM]: ok missed it thanks. valon and melondar leave the tower nathan you see a ceiling
[ Elorindë left the game ]
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): sorry i pressed a botton…. crashed the program
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): i very carfuly go up the stairs
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): right click on the default character sheet and you can create a duplicate that you can edit
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): i dont see the defult character sheet
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): the stairs end on the third floor. you see three pallets and some misc. gear
[Valon]: looking for Varalla once I get outside and near the caravan, or Calvin or Frizzit to offer my services
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): it says Daerma Character Sheet (default)
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): oh yeah i see it
Melondar is checking to see if his horse and mule are ok
[Daerma DM]: Valon & Melondar
Nathan goes outside laughing to himself
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): so do i just fill it out?
[Daerma DM]: once outside you see 1)your animals right where you left them. and 2) varalla talking with the caravan drivers
[Daerma DM]: nathan you are not outside yet.
[Nathan]: (ok thats just what i will do)
Melondar looks for a stable or somewhere where he can house his animals
[Valon]: “say Melondar shall we go and see if we can help with the people arriving”
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): what lvl am i?
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): first
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): what the religion for a cleric?
[Melondar]: “yes, as soon as I find a stable to put these animals in
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): read the daerma readme file first.
[Melondar]: (dm?)
[Valon]: “okay well I will head over there feel free to come over once you find a place for your animals”
[Daerma DM]: ok melondar you gather your animals and head into the rumble finlled streets.
[Daerma DM]: you find after a few minutes the ruins of what oncde looked like stables.of an inn.
[Daerma DM]: valon you head towards varalla.
[Daerma DM]: nathan you are just now exiting the tower.
[Melondar]: will my animals be safe in there?
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): okay….. so what detites am i to has as a religion?
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): am i to have i mean….since i dont know your module you gota help me
[Daerma DM]: varalla “valon please come say hello to Ahlanna & Calin”
Nathan laughs to himself and looks around for his compainions
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): no module this is homebrew land. set in forgotten realms. i use the forgotten realms gods.
[Daerma DM]: mel: you wouldn’t sleep in there
[Valon]: “Hello Ahlanna & Calin I am Valon follower of the mighty Torm and how might you be this fine day?”
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): i don’t know their gods…gimmie a god pls
[Daerma DM]: valon: they roll ther eyes as you burst into your flowery greeting but both smile and “thank you mighty Valon”
[Valon]: “I too have a couple of travelling companions but they are taking care of some personal business at the moment but I’m sure they would like to meet you also”
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): ok wait till a break in the action
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): okay thanx.. ill just watch now =)
[Valon]: “hmm with the looks of you two might just make me follow the paths of another god” he says fininshing with a wink
[Daerma DM]: Melondar: what are you doing?
[Nathan]: (do i see them anywhere)
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): what time is it where you are?
[Daerma DM]: nathon you see valon with varalla and a couple caravan people
[Melondar]: still checking to see if the stable is good enough to safely house my animals
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): 9:48 central time USA
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): no it is not
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): k
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): I search around for somewhere else to house them
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): im eastern time Canada its 10:41pm…
[Nathan]: I walk over to valon “well it looks like you have managed to make some more freinds, ehh?”
[Valon]: “And here is one of my companions now this is Nathan and this is Ahlanna and Calin”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): you search for a half hour and find no build suitable for a stable. but you do find what was once a verly large fancy barn/stable near the ruined keep. it has been totally flattened
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): is there even something there left to tie them up with?
[Daerma DM]: “hello Nathan.”
Nathan bows his head in greeting “pleased ta metcha, excuse my apperance but i was thinking of exploreing alittle. How about it valon”
[ Drake joined the game ]
[Valon]: “it’
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): sorry you can tie them up about anywhere i thought you were looking for cover.
[Valon]: (oops)
[Nathan]: (?)
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): I was looking for either
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): mostly cover though
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): tie up yes pretty much where ever you want. cover no
[Valon]: “it’s late afternoon not sure if we should venture too far from town why don’t we help out here and we can head out on the adventure in the morning”
[ Drake left the game ]
[Nathan]: “No freind, i ment explore the town a little”
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): well, I’ll return to the tower, where Valon and Nathon are
[Daerma DM]: ok you won’t be back for a few minutes yet
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): k
[Nathan]: (?)
[Nathan]: (who what)
[Valon]: “oh well that we could do I guess we could do that”
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): I will yell to see if the can hear me from here, can they?
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): no you are on the far side of town. not an extreme distance but with the caravan noise you will not be heard.
[Nathan]: wispers something to Val
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): ok
[Daerma DM]: varalla “oh valon, nathan before you go i will have to horses for you in the morning will that suffice?”
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): (u guys really should use whisper over there, I can here you from where I am and that’s not good
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): oops
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): i didn’t think it was that important else i would have
[Valon]: “Why thank you mylady that will do just fine” bowing appreciatively
Nathan nods
[Melondar]: (You guys should use whisper over there, I can hear you from here and that’s not good roleplaying
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): with that she turn and heads deeper int o the caravan greeting people.
[Nathan]: (too hard dm has to here too)
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): I think you whispered to wrong person
Nathan grins and chuckles at what valon said
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): ((pause))
[Nathan]: “true, too true”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): my dad called
[Daerma DM]: ((pause
[Daerma DM]: my dad is calling
[Nathan]: ok
[Daerma DM]: back sorry folks
[][)ao]: welcome back
[Daerma DM]: oh and welcome dao i hope you are ewnjoying things so far.
[Nathan]: “So Val. where should we explore, where would be a good spot?”
[Daerma DM]: ((resumeplay))
[Valon]: “not quite sure whatta say we just head down a rubble path” chuckles
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): when do I get back?
[Nathan]: “Sure then random choice”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): in a few minutes. you going to tie up your animals?
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): whats going on now?
[Valon]: “yep why don’t we wait for Melondar to get back with us though wherever he went”
[Nathan]: “you pick five and assign a number to each 1-5 and i pick a number w/o you telling me wich one”
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): I’m going to leave them with the caravan and their animals, they should be safe there
[Nathan]: “I haven’t seen him lately”
(][)ao whispered to Daerma DM): im going to be away from keyboard for 2-5 minutes ….is that okay?
[Valon]: “why don’t we head out and look for him?”
[Nathan]: “sure lets go”
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): this whole campaign is just starting so you know as much as the players minus a bit of background i old them at the begining
[Nathan]: “didn’t he say something about his animals?”
[Valon]: “she did go by his animals so I assume that is a good place to start looking, yes he did”
[Daerma DM]: ok Valon, nathan as you head backinto the town you spot melandor heading back towards you from the middle of town
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): “hi!”
[Valon]: (sorry about the he she thing)
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): oops
Nathan waves
[Melondar]: “hi!”
Melondar waves
(Daerma DM whispered to ][)ao): yup
[Valon]: “Hey there still toting the animals?”
[Nathan]: “it seems you were mistaken about the third floor it seems that it is where Varalla and her two freinds sleep”
[Melondar]: “yup, couldn’t find a place”
[Melondar]: “thought about leaving them with the caravan though”
[Valon]: “well why not leave them up front with the caravan’s animals they will be posting a watch anyways?”
[Valon]: (oops)
[Melondar]: “yes, that’s what I’ll do”
[Valon]: “Okay shall we head back up front me and Nathan were about to take a look around town we could drop off the animals and then have a look around”
[Melondar]: “allrighty then, we will do that”
Valon heading back to the caravan
Melondar is following Valon
[Daerma DM]: ok you go up to the caravan and ask them if you can picket your animals with theirs.
[Nathan]: Walks after them:
(Valon whispered to Daerma DM): okay was’nt sure thanks
[Daerma DM]: calin: “sure thing i hear you will going out tomorrow to help secure the city. i would be glad to help out”
Melondar gives the reins of the animals to Calvin
[Daerma DM]: “my name is Calin Lightningbolt. but please call me Sparky. I am hoping to set up a small lab out here to conduct a few expirements”
[Valon]: “well we could certainly use an extra hand, we will be leaving at first light so if you wanna go then meet us out here by the caravan.”
Nathan chuckles
[Melondar]: “not on animals, I hope”
[Daerma DM]: “oh no sorry i don’t think adventuring is for me. much prefer my lab”
[Valon]: “well we are going to the city this afternoon to have a look around you’re more than welcome to join us for that probably a little more your cup of tea than the woods”
[Daerma DM]: to melondar ” oh no i was appernticed to Starglow in Daerma city. he is one of the greatest Artificers there is. my research is purly for the sake of building new and interestingthings.”
[Nathan]: “well if there is anything you can think of that you need for your lab ask and ill see what i can get for you”
[Melondar]: “ok, that is good to know”
[Valon]: “shall we set out then and explore the city?”
[Daerma DM]: “anyway just swing by in the morning and pick up your am\nimals.”
[Nathan]: “lets go”
[Valon]: “thanks”
[Melondar]: “thank you and goodday”
[Nathan]: (how much longer are we going to be playing tonight?)
[Valon]: “lets just head up the middle road if we see something down one of the sideroads we can check it out sound good?”
[Nathan]: “sure
[Nathan]: ”
[Melondar]: “ok”
Valon heading up the middle road in the city
[Daerma DM]: (as long as evferyone wants to or midnight central whichever comes first)
[Nathan]: (ok cool)
[Daerma DM]: ok after leaving “sparky” behind you journy into the city. it is not very large
[Daerma DM]: you would geuss maybe a half mile accross roughly a cirlce wall used to encrcle the townbut most of it is collapsed
Valon continues forward to about the middle of town
[Valon]: “hey you guys want to continue forward or head another direction?
[Valon]: ”
[Daerma DM]: everywhere you look buildings are in ruins. except for the tower yoou are staying in and two other building one in the north center of town the other in the south east. (note the entrance gate faces west)
[Nathan]: keep going
[Valon]: that direction is to the east just so we can all keep our bearings
[Daerma DM]: ok in front of you is the far side of town. this area is 100% trashed.
[Melondar]: that’s where I was… ICK!
[Daerma DM]: by the amount of ruble here you can see this was obviously the main keep
[ DragonHaxor joined the game ]
[Telehdarr]: ((Can i join?))
[Daerma DM]: (don’t step in the dragon dung 🙂 )
[Nathan]: “you know there should have been a basment to this thing”
(Daerma DM whispered to Telehdarr): sorry not tonight but if want to read the readme file. for more details
[Nathan]: i serch for any holes in the ground or stairs going down
Melondar looks to see if there are stairs leading underground
[Daerma DM]: you cannot tell if there was a basement or not the area is really in ruins.
[Daerma DM]: you see no steps
Nathan shrugs “ohh well lets check out one of the whole buildings”
[Valon]: “shall we head off into another direction?”
[ Whisky joined the game ]
(Daerma DM whispered to Tauron): please read the readme
[ Aries joined the game ]
[Darron]: hello
(Daerma DM whispered to Darron): please read the readme
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): is this AD*D
(Daerma DM whispered to Darron): yes
[Valon]: “hey what do ya say we go in another direction?
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): can i play
[Nathan]: “yes yes”
[Melondar]: “what time is it now?”
(Daerma DM whispered to Darron): not tonight but if you want to join please read the readme
(Daerma DM whispered to Darron): early evening
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): ok
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM):
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM):
Melondar looks at the sun to get a general idea of the time
[Nathan]: well 840 pack
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): ok
[Nathan]: (woops)
[Valon]: (haha)
[Melondar]: (I meant in the game
[Melondar]: )
[Daerma DM]: (comic relief)
[Nathan]: (i just figured that) :O)
(Telehdarr whispered to Daerma DM): So can i join some other time then?
(Tauron whispered to Daerma DM): do you allow Wemic (race) in your game?
[ ][)ao left the game ]
(Daerma DM whispered to Telehdarr): yes
(Daerma DM whispered to Tauron): no
(Tauron whispered to Daerma DM): I am a Archer-Ranger…(class)
[Nathan]: (la la lallalla)
(Tauron whispered to Daerma DM): darn////
(Telehdarr whispered to Daerma DM): thanks
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): sounds cool
[ Whisky left the game ]
[Nathan]: “hmm i duno”
(Darron whispered to Daerma DM): god im bored havebt had a game all day
(Daerma DM whispered to Valon): the class i allow not the race
[ DragonHaxor left the game ]
[Melondar]: (DM?)
[Nathan]: zap zap zap
[Valon]: “let’s look for a standing structure and head towards that”
[Daerma DM]: i was waiting to hear what you are doing last i seen was how about one of the houses. but i never seen anyone agree
[Darron]: bye bye all
[Nathan]: “isn’t that what i just said?”
[ Aries left the game ]
[Melondar]: yes, let’s
[Daerma DM]: which one you seen two of them on your walk across town
[Nathan]: (and another zap)
[Nathan]: “north”
[Nathan]: “ya think?”
[Daerma DM]: (pulls out his bag of dirty tricks…”one more zap”) 😛
Valon lead on
Melondar follows Valon
Nathan goes twords the north standing building
[Daerma DM]: you head towards the buildning in the north central section of town.
Valon follows along with Melondar
[Daerma DM]: the house is in extreme disrepair. but is standing.
Melondar follows nathan
[Melondar]: (how long will this last? it’s 12:45 am here)
[Valon]: “hmm..shall we go in?”
[Melondar]: “be careful and quiet
[Daerma DM]: (ok lets say 15 minutes or so then we’ll wrap for the night”
[Melondar]: “which one of us is the thief?”
[Valon]: he dropped
[Melondar]: oh
[Daerma DM]: (xnxax was the thief)
[Melondar]: (ok)
[Melondar]: “ok, but be careful and don’t touch anything”
[Nathan]: “well lets go in then”
[Daerma DM]: you approach the house you see nothing that is out of the ordinary for a town in this state.
Valon surveys the entrance before entering
[Nathan]: (the only thing out of the ordinary for a town in this state is a house in good condition)
(Daerma DM whispered to Valon): you don’t sense anything
(Valon whispered to Daerma DM): going to do the detect evil spidey sense
[Valon]: I did’nt sense any evil among the house so it should be safe
Valon enteres the house
Melondar enters the house
[Nathan]: ”well then”
[Nathan]: i follow
[Daerma DM]: upon entering it looks fairly normal. looks like eerything was left in as hurry
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): you think that someone/thing was living in here recently but not like yesterday.
[Melondar]: methinks there some creature that lived here recently, about a week ago maybe”
Nathan looks around for any items left over like books and stuff
[Valon]: “that could possibly explain why the place is still standing”
[Melondar]: “could be some lizardman/men leftover from the attack”
[Daerma DM]: the main room is about 10′ square. with a door leading into another room in the back and a small ladder leading up to another floor
Melondar walks to the bottom of the ladder
Melondar scans upwards to see if there is any danger
Nathan goes to the door
[Valon]: “what do ya say we check the bottom floor out before we head up the ladder?”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): you can’t see anything unless you cluimb the ladder
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): you see a kitchen
[Melondar]: “ok”
[Valon]: “hey Nathan why don’t ya see what’s on the other side of the that door?”
[Melondar]: is there any dirt or anything like that on the floor?
[Daerma DM]: yes it is very dirty.
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): no you can’t see any tracks or anything like that.
[Melondar]: is there any foot-prints other than our own?
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): ok
[Daerma DM]: everything is scuffed.
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): i go in looking in any cupbords and things
[Melondar]: are there scents of anything in here?
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): some dishes and fungi.
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): not that you can smell
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): any other doors
Valon going over to Nathan and tap him on the shoulder
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): a doorway that leads outside, the door itself is gone
[Melondar]: what is in the room?
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): i look out back
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM):
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): ruble strewn alley.
(Nathan whispered to Daerma DM): i go back into the main room
[Nathan]: “just a kitchen”
[Valon]: “okay well let’s check out the ladder then”
[Melondar]: any items that wouldn’t normally be in a kitchen?
(Daerma DM whispered to Nathan): no
[Nathan]: nope
Nathan goes over to the ladder
Melondar goes up the ladder
Nathan follows him
Melondar looks around
[Valon]: “I’ll wait down here in case of any trouble”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): as you get to the top of the ladder you are overwhelmed by a horrible stench. rolla save vs poison
(To Daerma DM) DICE for Daerma DM: (1d20) = [ 3 ]
Nathan stays at the top of the ladder
DICE for Melondar: [Melondar / Saving throw (roll high)] : (1d20) : 1d20=3 = [ 3 ]
[Daerma DM]: hold on a sec nathan you ain’t up the ladder yet
[Melondar]: whew!
[Valon]: “See anything?”
[Melondar]: “no, but it stinks up here”
[Daerma DM]: Melondar: you become extremely nausious.
[Nathan]: ok
[Valon]: “what does it smell like?”
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): dead something
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): very dead
[Melondar]: “something that’s dead”
(Melondar whispered to Daerma DM): how long has it been dead?
[ slingblade69 joined the game ]
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): quite a while prolly 5-days to a week
[slingblade69]: . hi all
[Melondar]: “for about 1 week”
(Daerma DM whispered to slingblade69): playing please whisper
[Valon]: “hmm sounds weird to me this nice house and they are living in the tower why not clean the dead things out and stay here?”
Melondar looks around in the room
(slingblade69 whispered to Daerma DM): what game?
(Daerma DM whispered to Melondar): you see two very dead and decomposing lizardmen
[Melondar]: “dead lizardmen”
(Daerma DM whispered to slingblade69): AD&D read the readme file
[Valon]: “how many?”
[Melondar]: (I hafta go not, it’s 1:05 am here and I’m tired
[Melondar]: “2”
[Daerma DM]: (ok lets end it)
[Daerma DM]: ((END of Sesion))
Nathan yawns lets get to bed
[Nathan]: ok
[Melondar]: cya
[Daerma DM]: thuersday 8 central
[Valon]: good game y’all
[Melondar]: when we meet again?
[Nathan]: sure ill be there
[Melondar]: k
[Valon]: okay see ya
[Melondar]: see ya
[slingblade69]: that is it….
[Daerma DM]: hiyas slingblade
[slingblade69]: how long were you playing?
[ Melondar left the game ]
[Daerma DM]: started playing about 8 created character before that
[Nathan]: bye then
[Valon]: see ya Nathan
[Daerma DM]: thursday man glad you were here
[ nskirko left the game ]
[ slingblade69 left the game ]