Character Creation

Posted by Daerma DM on Saturday, September 13, 2014

For the campaign starting September 2014, all characters will begin at 5th level. If you join after the campaign has been running, please ask Daerma DM what level your character will start at.

Your starting experience will be the minimum for the level.

All character stats can be created however you want, but be aware of House Rule #5.

Starting characters have 200GP/level to outfit themselves with standard items. Anything the PHB is generally available to residents of V`Ral, but there can be occasional shortages. The DM will have final say on your equipment.

Characters starting at 5th Level will have two permanent magic items not better than +1 or equivalent. For characters joining at later levels, please ask Daerma DM what you should start with. The DM will have final say on your equipment.

A non-regenerable Big Ohm will provided to each city resident that takes service as an adventurer.