The Great Resurrection

Posted by Daerma DM on Thursday, June 5, 2014

Note: This tale picks up right after Arg’s story.

Sorvani looks at Ivan “The Great Resurrection came about because the few surviving Ancients conceived a plan to bring back their race. A number of years ago one of them came into possession of one of their Ancient Rods of Life. After preparing a long ritual and uncountable numbers of magical items to be used for power, they were ready to go ahead with the Great Resurrection. Unforeseen by them, a new Overgod known as the Anti-Zap, had entered this reality, and wanted to take it over. Impersonating someone else, he persuaded a group of adventurers known as Chaos, Inc. to help him stop some large evil from happening. Unbeknownst to them at the time he was actually not stopping anything, only warping things.”

“So setting out on the path of adventure, Chaos, Inc. found their way to V’Ral. Not being allowed inside, I met them at the entrance with Lady Varalla, and she assigned me to go with them for assistance.”

“Tagging along with them, I quickly learned why they were called Chaos, Inc., but that is a separate story. Eventually they did find their way into the Ancient’s lair and through more half-hazard luck than anything else complete the Anti-Zaps assigned mission.”

Sorvani pauses to take a drink of the homebrew Arg brought along. “Returning to Argoplois to inform their employer of success they learned the truth of the Anti-Zap, who reveled him self and promptly disappeared. Suddenly everything around them went haywire and next thing they knew, they and everything around them was undead. Actually to be specific, the Great Ressurrection happened like it was supposed to, and then some. Not only were the Ancients Resurrected, but also so was every other living thing ever to have died on the face of the planet. Then swiftly after that another wave of power stuck turning us all into undead on the spot. As it was noon, a large number of the undead were immediately & permanently destroyed by the sunlight, but the rest of the world was to remain undead for the next 24 hours.”

“Then looking up into the sky, everyone saw a tremendous battle enjoined between the two Overgods as they warred for control of this multiverse. Eventually the Anti-Zap won out and appeared before Chaos, Inc., offering them each a boon in his gratitude. I asked to become a Power Master, and the young dragon Symaray wanted to know about what the Overgod did, and received a single book entitled Clockmaker 101. Upon perusing the first page or two to help the young dragon figure the gift out, we learned it was the baseline instruction of the duties for the Overgod.”

“Shortly after the Anti-Zap left Chaos, Inc. to their fates, none other than Roland himself approached the group. He informed them of everything that had happened, and convinced them that they could help. Teleporting them to a heavily forested area somewhere on the planet, he told them to seek the remains of the Tree of Life, sometimes called World Tree. In the process of doing so we learned that not only had the trees and forests been brought back in the GR, but that all the plant life was intelligent too. Most of it was very rudimentary, mostly only just sentient with no true intelligence. After a hard search through unfriendly forest we found the shattered remains of the Tree of Life and summoned Roland, who along with the other gods rose up to do battle with the Anti-Zap before he could consolidate his control and powers. Suffice it to say, that Roland and the gods won and slew the Anti-Zap, but not without the loss of a number of gods.”

“This all happened in the first 24 hours after the Great Resurrect. After destroying the Anti-Zap the gods used what little power they had left and attempted to undo what had been wrought. Pooling all their powers, the gods attempted a great undoing to bring their worshippers back to life. As their casting began to take effect and certain areas of the planet were brought back to living status, the magical weave around the planet collapsed from the abuses of the past 24 hours.”

Sorvani looks at the darkness all around. “That, Ivan, was 30 days ago. Since then we have learned that no being has rose to claim the Overgod’s power. Nor has any being even tried as the gods who defeated the Anti-Zap are guarding all known entrances to those realms. As we have all seen in the last 30 days a new weave has been wove and now in the last 10 days, magic has slowly begun to creep back into the world. I believe this little sight we are seeing now is the moment before magic returns in all its power and glory.” Pointing at the sky, Sorvani seems to be fading out as he says, “For if you turn and look there, I do believe that is the weave.”

When you look back Sorvani & Arg are gone and Erok is shaking his head dazedly, once more himself.