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The Laputans strike at the heart of V`Ral

Game Changes

Well I can see that keeping this page updated is going to suck. Anyway, as mentioned in last nights game, we are going to be switching form the 5e ruleset to 3.5e/Pathfinder. Please keep up with the posts in the Obelisk Communications Network.

If you received the email for the new forum sorry

I missed a setting for the URL. It should be https://obelisk.daerma.com

No game on September 22, 2015

I will be in Austin and not available to run the game.

WTF people! No more excuses!

Vinnie, no more birthdays. Ronnie, no more kids. Or if you do, play anyway. sheesh! Seriously though, I know life is busy, not a big deal. I plan on running a game on the 16th from my house in Chicago. Internet is supposed to be in stalled that afternoon, so should be no issue. I will update is something happens.