Daerma Adventures

2nd game is coming!

I know I have been quiet on here, but I was out getting drunk at an IT conference last week. Next game is on as planned for Tuesday September 30th. Also, I have a forum plugin added. http://daerma.com/obelisk

Game night links!

Roll20 game room link Wiki article on making die rolling macros 5e Character Sheet Wiki article (not in game yet. will get that in a bit.)

Character creation rules published

I have published the base Character Creation rules here. If you have questions, comment or email so I can clarify. The more information on the current situation has also been published in the History & Lore section.

Previous content imported

We are good to go! I have imported everything from before the crash. sorry about the delay been a hell of a couple weeks. I’ll be making more updates tomorrow.

First Daerma Game ever, found!

I have found, on a hard drive I did not even know I still had, the very first chat log for the very first Daerma Adventures game ever. Tuesday June 29, 1999. As soon as I finish copying everything I can recover off this drive I will post some of this. I am honestly crying a bit here. I thought this was gone forever. Edit: Here is the first chat log