Daerma Adventures

Roll 20 Subscription information

Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know when the subscription comes up for Roll20. This will give everyone the time to decide if we really like it or not and to find alternatives if not. June 1, 2015 I paid for the $49.99 Supporter level subscription. There is a $99.99/year subscription that has more features, but I was not willing to do that untested. Technically we can run the campaign completely free, but we would just lose a few features that we are currently not really using.

SSL enabled

SSL has been enabled for a while and enforced as of today on daerma.com Please let me know if there are any issues with using the website.

Dec 9, I failed to kill anyone again

Taking up after cancelling the game 2 weeks ago due to work, I failed yet again to kill any of my players, but I had two making death saves at the same time! Another spell (Sleep) had house rules applied, though I still need to tweak it I think. The DMG finally arrived also. There are definitely some issues with a few things, but it is certainly not as bad as it could have been.

Game is progressing well

We have worked out some of the initial kinks of using Roll20 as well as getting some house rules into 5e to better fit our play style. Great to be gaming with you all again!

3rd game was a success!

Thanks for playing all. I won’t promise to be heavily prepared for a month or three yet. work has just been busy as fuck. But I will get more prepared as we go.