House Rules

Posted by Daerma DM on Sunday, August 24, 2014
  1. All casting classes use spell points. The specifics of the system are not being published until I can get a firmer grip on the 5e rules system. I have run the Daerma campaigns with a spell point system since its inception in 1999. I have played under this system for years prior to that.
  2. Almost all non-illusion spells that have the Concentration tag have that requirement removed. Ask me until we can get a list made up.
  3. Powermasters exist: If you know what they are, no you cannot play one. If you do not know what they are, I will eventually have history posted.
  4. The Mana Plane: More details on this will be explained in the Transference of V`Ral history beginning with Part IV.
  5. Generate Ability Scores however you want, but I can assure you now that your character won’t live long if you try to play a character with all 18′s.
  6. All Races are allowed. Monster races will be open for discussion after the Monster manual is released.
  7. Alignment can be any Non-Evil.
  8. All Classes and such IF I have the book, so only PHB classes at game start.
  9. All creatures native to this new campaign multiverse, automatically have access to a single cantrip that they can cast once a day. For player characters, it is chosen at character creation and can never be changed.