Current Situation

Posted by Daerma DM on Wednesday, August 27, 2014
  • It is one year after the transference.
  • Sorvani has discovered the problem with magics that access the ethereal plane is that the ethereal plane is heavily populated by creatures native to it in this multiverse that have the innate ability to snatch a person in mid transport.
    • In game this means a % chance to be kidnapped mid teleport.
    • the natives to this multiverse use teleport magics only after casting protection magic.
    • Transportational magic is not widely used here due to this.
    • Flight and levitation spells are all more common here than in the original mutliverse.
      • In game terms, all flight and levitation spells are one level lower than the PHB lists them, and there are “Improved” versions of many spells that provide faster flight or better control, etc.
  • The Laputans have attacked the city a few times. Each time has been with stronger, more powerful systems.
  • Mystical surveillance of most of the planet has determined the land masses and also shown that the Laputans are in control of the entire continent (Western Continent) that V`Ral landed on.
  • The Eastern Continent is populated by wide variety of fairly typical countries and city states.
  • In between the two continents is a large ocean populated by a large island complex in the southern hemisphere and nothing in the northern hemisphere.
  • The other ocean between the continents is mostly empty.
  • Varalla has just used her chosen core and ascended as Roland.
  • The high priests of Torm, Mystra and Reorx/Damien followed shortly after with varying levels of success. None of them are as strong as Roland, but they have incarnated in this new multiverse.