Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has been pre-ordered

I have pre-ordered the starter set. I still plan to buy the 3 core rule books, but with the staggered release I felt the starter set was a good benefit to get going.

Also, you need to order from Amazon if you want the books. I would love to support my FLGS but I cannot justify the cost difference to myself. I know it is not the fault of the game store and they suffer for it.

Amazon has all three core books up for pre-order at significant discounts. You can get all 3 for less than $100. The starter set is $13.

I am still thinking to get the game started after GenCon, but I will be willing to run a dry run or two prior to that to get the feel for the Roll20 functionality if anyone wants to plan a few hours one evening after I have the starter set.

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  1. Sorvani says:

    I figure I will donate the starter set to the library or something after I get the core books.

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