The Transference of V`Ral

I do not know how much browsing anyone has done, but we have been working on a history for the campaign.

Dwarf has taken my puny few page note of what happened to V`Ral and turned it into this awesome story. Please let us know what you think about the new campaign world!

There will be more history posted that will skim the years between the Transference and the campaign. I am currently not certain how many years that will be. I keep changing my mind on that.


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Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has been pre-ordered

I have pre-ordered the starter set. I still plan to buy the 3 core rule books, but with the staggered release I felt the starter set was a good benefit to get going.

Also, you need to order from Amazon if you want the books. I would love to support my FLGS but I cannot justify the cost difference to myself. I know it is not the fault of the game store and they suffer for it.

Amazon has all three core books up for pre-order at significant discounts. You can get all 3 for less than $100. The starter set is $13.

I am still thinking to get the game started after GenCon, but I will be willing to run a dry run or two prior to that to get the feel for the Roll20 functionality if anyone wants to plan a few hours one evening after I have the starter set.

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Daerma Adventures will resume with an all new campaign soon.

I suggest anyone that will be interested in playing make sure to set up an account over at Roll 20.

I have paid for subscription so players joining the campaign will not be fed ads, etc. while connected to the game. Here is the place holder campaign link if anyone wants to sign in and tinker with the interface:

You can visit the old website here:

If you desire an account to post here, contact me.

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